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Ulrik Nyvold










This gallery shows some of my great friends and their catches... A few of the I missed personally, but then the pictures was sent to me.

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Sandartfiskeri på furesøen.jpg (95392 byte)

to gode sandart.jpg (90826 byte)

Sandart nat på grystinge.jpg (46322 byte)

Ulrik with pike.jpg (87742 byte)

John Runar with salmon.jpg (58381 byte)

What a great night on Furesøen, Denmark

The result was 24 nice walley, a few didn't survive...

Another great night on Gyrstinge, Denmark

Nice Pike, bad hairdoo!!

12,8 kg Atlantic Salmon from Namsen, Norway

Ulrik with pike2.jpg (44478 byte)

71 lbs halibut.jpg (25914 byte)

Bob with steelhead.jpg (72558 byte)

Gismo_2_torsk_over_20_2002.jpg (47622 byte)

Poul with pike.jpg (100035 byte)

Pike, 9,6 kg

71 lbs. Halibut, Kitimat B.C. Canada

Bob Tupling with an Ontario Steelhead

The Danish way of catching Cod!

Poul Norup with Pike 12,7 kg

Fish on.jpg (61987 byte)

fish up.jpg (58897 byte)

HK and chinook.jpg (91004 byte) Chinook Kitimat.jpg (77218 byte) Yukon pike.jpg (55365 byte)

Fighting a Chinook Salmon, Vancouver Island, Canada.......

Got it in the boat as well.....31 Lbs HK with a King that have been in the river for a while Chinook Salmon (King Salmon) forom Kitimat River B.C. Canada. 38 Lbs. Northern Pike from Atlin Lake, Yukon, Canada