Ulrik Nyvold

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Ulrik Nyvold










I have spend a number of years in Canada, as a student from 1991 to 1993 and later on by travelling. The country has just about everything to offer for a person like me, fishing, hunting, canoing, skiing and just about every other activity you can think of!. I have a number of great frineds throughout the Country that I like to visit while enjoying the country. If you are interested in information on any of my trips to the country don't hessitate to ask, just drop me an e-mail.

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Paddling into sunset.jpg (49438 byte) night campfire.jpg (51379 byte) Canada Bob_web.jpg (53702 byte) Killerwhale.jpg (55094 byte) Mike and Ulrik.jpg (43670 byte)
Canoing into the sunset on a lake in Quetico Privencial Park, Ont. Canada Camp fire at night on a canoe trip. The food is ready for the "bearproof" tree My good old friend, Bob, fishing for Brown Trout in his home water, The Grant River, Canada The killerwhales got really close to the boat at one stage while fishing for King Salmon Mike and myself spotting goats in Northern British Columbia, Canada
Mountain and road2.jpg (56239 byte) Mountain and road3.jpg (56916 byte) Mountain and road.jpg (62208 byte) Lake in Quetico.jpg (32300 byte) Alaska highway.jpg (47651 byte)
The next three pics were taken on a drive down through the Rocky Mountains during September 2000 This scenery is from a canoetrip in Northern Canada The Alaska Highway is spectacular
HK goes for a swim.jpg (80150 byte) hk on stump.jpg (135848 byte) Lying redwood.jpg (115031 byte) U and HK on stump.jpg (121782 byte) falling old-growth.jpg (82586 byte)
HK is ready for a real skinny dip, but the water seems a bit cold HK fishing in a cyrstal clear river on Northern Vancouver Island The Redwoods in California gets really big!!! Here we are satnding at the base of the tallest tree in the world Felling of timber in the northern tip of Vancouver Island
HK on the goat hunt.jpg (33734 byte) Crusing.jpg (41444 byte) Party in St.jpg (60590 byte) More patry.jpg (54052 byte) Mr Truck and Derek.jpg (42630 byte)
This is my good friend HK! He likes to go for a cruise with the boys from the hood Once in a while he also likes to party.. ..and then make new friends like here in Prince George, Canada HK has a deep passion for truck drivers - GO HK GO